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Gallery of photos taken July of 2009

Mantic Calliope

(Mantic Peter Frost X HEKs Moonmist)


Calli is a beautiful chestnut mare, and is my personal "perfect" horse. She has tons of personality to go with her do anything attitude. She is the foundation of Dream Mtn Farm. She has a big, long strided trot and loves to go. She is very competitive and athletic. I love riding her and she is very good at many disciplines, but I have only shown her Classic Pleasure Saddle. I enjoy trail riding with her and look foward to working with her daughter.


Dream Mtn Hope

(Mantic Terminator X Mantic Calliope)


Hope was born March 24th, 2006. She is a beautiful dark chestnut filly with three white socks and a blaze. She is very athletic with a big stride. She is taller than I expected her to be being line bred to Frosty. She has his big eyes and sweet in your pocket personality. She is better on the trail then I could have hoped. She is very intelligent, level headed, and easy going about everything on the trail, I feel I am very lucky to work with such a great horse!